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Coir Chemicals

Bleaching of coir fibre/yarn is essential for improving the colour. In order to ascertain the different chemicals used for bleaching of textile materials, a literature and industrial survey had been conducted.

Soap Chemicals

There are many different soap making ingredients that can be used to create soap at home. Whether it's a base, fat, oil, nutrient, natural preservative essential oil or colorant each substance has specific benefits for soap making

Rubber Chemicals

The range of rubber chemicals covering Accelerators, Antioxidants, Antiozonants, Retarders & Peptisers which are regularly used by rubber industries, for various applications.

Food and Bakery Preservatives

Artificial preservatives, or chemical preservatives, are chemicals that when added to food tend to prevent or retard deterioration thereof.

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Lakshmi trading Company

Lakshmi Trading Company is established twenty seven years back and now become one of the leader company.
Lakshmi Trading Company was incorporated in 1990 as traders of chemicals in south india with the aims to market wide range of industrial chemicals. Now over a period of expertise in handling various chemicals the company become reliable and ethical players both in domestically and internationally in the field of chemicals.


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